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Easy Tricks to Increase Your Home’s Selling Price

Hua Hin Property Partner
Written by Hua Hin Property Partner

Do you have a plan to sell your house in Hua Hin but in doubt if you can get a high selling price? Stop worrying now. Read this article and discover how the simple exterior fixes can make people run after your home at a higher rate.

  • Fix, Repair, Replace. Considering the location of Hua Hin, you need to be very cautious if the exterior of your house is mainly made up of wood.

The high humidity, precipitation, and sea breeze significantly affect the integrity of the wood foundation.

Check all the corners of the exterior wall, once you find a damaged slab, immediately assess the severity of the deterioration. If the damage is not that extreme, you can patch the wood. However, if the wood is suffering from severe decay, make sure to replace it with a new one.

  • Declutter and Clean. To keep your home appealing to the buyers, make sure that it is free from clutters and clogged. Check your garden and remove leaves, weeds, twigs, and snag branches.

You also need to clean the exterior walls and windows thoroughly with water.

Make sure to check the roofing, including the gutters for possible leaks. Keep the gutters free from clogged water since this will become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. You have to remember that Hua Hin is a tropical area (near the equator) where heavy rainfall usually takes place.

  • Use Neutral Colors in Painting Exterior Wall. It would be best if you paint the gate, fence, walls, front door, and pathways with neutral colors. You can choose from lighter shades of grey, white, black, beige, taupe, ivory, and brown.
  • Let the Porch do the Trick. Another way to attract buyers is to create a welcoming porch. You can do this by simply placing a clean doormat in the front porch. Also, surrounding the veranda with beautiful plants will add to the ‘inviting’ feel that potential buyers will love.

Keep the porch well ventilated and lighted to catch the attention of buyers who wander at night.

  • Reset the Furniture. You need to establish an entertaining aura in your house; thus, you need to create a symmetrical arrangement of your furniture. Pull off pairs of chairs, sofas, and lamps to create a conversation area.
  • Ideal Lifestyle. If you want to invite more buyers, you need to make them feel that your property will suffice their perfect way of living. Adding a hammock in the garden will surely make a difference.
  • Gender-Neutral Bedroom. Do not ever think of any gender biases in staging the bedroom to possible buyers. What you need is to clad the bedroom with gender-neutral features like clean linens coupled with a brown blanket placed at the bottom of the bed.

Just follow these insanely easy tricks to turn your house in Hua Hin very attractive for buyers.

Why Invest in Staging Your To-Be-Sold House in Hua Hin

Hua Hin is not only the favorite place of Thailand’s monarch, but it is also home to beautiful tourist attractions. Since this city is near to Bangkok, many investors flocked to Hua Hin to invest primarily in real estate.

Now, if you want to sell a house in this city, you must aim for a higher rate. However, you need to invest in getting the highest bid for your home in Hua Hin. In other words, you need to stage your house to attract the right buyers.

Based on a report featured in Forbes magazine, staged homes will get a 17% purchase advantage compared to non-staged properties.  Within 11 days, there’s also a 95% assurance that staged homes will be bought entirely.

These are the reasons why you must invest and stage your house. Remember, if you want to get the right price, you must also do the right things for your home in Hua Hin.

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