Baan Perm Sab

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Ban Khuan, Mueang Trang, Trang

  • 18   Units
  • Completed (Jan 2019)
For Sale (1 Units)  From ฿2,750,000
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Baan Perm Sab in Ban Khuan, Trang

Baan Perm Sab is a house and villa project located in Ban Khuan, Trang and was completed in Jan 2019. It has 18 units


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Ban Khuan

Neighborhood Overview

Surrounding area

Baan Perm Sab is located 3.2 km away from 7 ELEVEn 14381 and it can be reached within 5 mins by car.

There are many other shops situated in the area of Baan Perm Sab, the 3 closest being:
- Srinagar Supermarket is 3.5 km away (an approx. drive of 5 mins.)
- Trang Waranon LP is 2.8 km away (an approx. drive of 4 mins.)
- Boonlarp Mini Market is 3.7 km away (an approx. drive of 6 mins.)

The surrounding area, where Baan Perm Sab is situated, offers a wide variety of restaurants. See the closest of them below:
- Gotum food a la carte is 340 m away (a walk of about 4 mins.)
- PA Suk is 470 m away (a walk of about 6 mins.)
- Aunt Suk's shop is 460 m away (a walk of about 6 mins.)

BAN KHUAN TAMBON HEALTH PROMOTING HOSPITAL is the nearest health facility, which is 830 m away (you can walk there in 10 mins.) from the project, while the closest schools in the proximity of Baan Perm Sab are:
- Wat Ko Mamuang School is 440 m away (about 5 mins. by foot)
- Kuan's house is 630 m away (about 8 mins. by foot)
- Factory Mechanic Department is 3.1 km away (an approx. drive of 6 mins.)

Airport page is located 3.7 km from Baan Perm Sab and it takes about 7 mins. by car or taxi (depending on the traffic) to get there.

Frequently asked questions

All kind of pets are allowed at Baan Perm Sab including dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, and reptiles.

The building (the bricks and mortar) can be owned by a non-Thai national outright in their name in what is called the house registry which secures ownership indefinitely of the structure. 

In Thailand, non-Thai nationals cannot own land outright in their name. Land can be controlled through either a Thai Company or a long-term registered lease. The longest registered lease term by Thai law is 30 years, and most developers will offer 3 terms for a total of 90 years.


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After you have found the right property at Baan Perm Sab you have to follow these steps:

  • - Agreement of terms and conditions
  • - Reservation Agreement
  • - Reservation Deposit
  • - Sales and Purchase Agreement
  • - Settlement & Transfer


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A 30-year lease period is legally protected under Thai law and ownership cannot be disrupted. It is common for developers to offer an additional two terms of 30 contractually obligating a total of 90 years. 

Prior to purchasing a leasehold property, it is important to secure a copy of the lease agreement or get further clarity on these three points.

  • - Who is the lessor? (an individual or a Thai Company) Securing a lease from a Thai Company offers much more security than a private individual.
  • - Do I have voting rights as a Lessee? (Some lease contracts do not allow lessee to have voting rights)
  • - Is there a succession clause in the lease agreement that will allow inheritance of the lease?


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Thailand has different visas like Spousal Visa, Retirement Visa, Student Visa and Elite Visa - just to name a few options. Each visa has different requirements but they are usually easy to obtain.


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