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4 Ways Thailand Is More Modern Than You May Have Guessed

Hua Hin Property Partner
Written by Hua Hin Property Partner

Thailand is one of the oldest nations in Southeast Asia. Their history stretches back some several thousand years, and it shows in their society today. The country is rich with tradition, but that doesn’t mean it’s a place clinging to its past. Thailand has been swept up in a wave of modernization.

Modernizing can be a difficult process and is different for every country. For Thailand, the path to modernization presented some initial hurdles. There was a desire to prevent Westernization, and this delayed their emergence into the modern world. However, they are now making huge strides towards becoming a country that’s completely up-to-date. The following are four ways that Thailand is more modern than you would have thought.

1. Digital Banking

The boundaries of industries are changing in Thailand. Shops and stores that used to only have a reach within the neighborhood they’re located are now able to reach more people thanks to technology. The internet allows them to set up e-commerce shops, allowing their businesses to expand and thrive. Retail and telecommunication companies aren’t the only ones growing. Thailand has become a center for breakthrough technology and advancement as artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency develops.

Thanks to such advancements and local interest, banks have started to work on different partnerships and models to help in the world of e-commerce. As a result, new wealth-management and ecommerce tools have emerged to help with efficiency. The introduction of online money transfers has increased Thailand’s interaction with the entire world.

2. Western-Style Kitchens

While not technologically modern, the advancement of the kitchen layout in Thailand has brought it into the modern world. At least, a little. Not all apartments offer a kitchen that Westerners would be familiar with.

If you’re interested in moving to Thailand, you’ll notice that some apartments state that they either have a “Thai kitchen” or a “Western kitchen.” The distinction between the two refers to the appliances that are installed. In traditional Thai kitchens, there is no oven since the majority of Thai dishes don’t require one. A western-style kitchen includes a fridge and an oven with a stovetop. This choice between Thai and Western-style kitchens is one of the ways the country is striking a balance between tradition and modernity.

3. Biotechnology

You may be surprised to learn that Thailand has a competitive stake in the biotechnology sector. It’s one of the top five food exporters and one of the world’s leading agricultural countries. These facts paired with a growing interest in science and technology have rapidly increased the rates of modernization. Thailand’s 165 biotechnology farms are creating new technologies that are not even prevalent in other “modern” countries.

4. Fast Internet Connection

The majority of people may assume that the internet connection couldn’t possibly be as fast as it is in the Western world. These people are mistaken. With Thailand’s improvement in infrastructure and technological development, the internet is as fast as ever. It’s one of the most common amenities offered now. The population spends much of their time engaging with each other on social media, though many still use smaller apps such as Line over globally popular ones like Whatsapp.

Thailand Mixes Tradition With Modern Opportunities

Thailand is looking towards the future. The have answered the call to the challenges of modernization with investments in technology and integration with the wider world. The advancements they’ve made have gone beyond technology. Their population thrives financially, with poverty just under 10 percent. Their healthcare has improved. Things are looking up for the Land of Smiles.

Overall, there seems to be an urgency to get things done in Thailand. Their reservations about interacting with the rest of the world have fallen away, and they’re ready to grow and become fully modern.

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